After today, I’ve realized just how much I hate networking in windows. I spent from 5:30pm to 12:00am today trying to fix my proxy server. I don’t know why it stopped working, but It’ll be the first thing I ask the almighty when I die. I can hardly imagine my Mom or even my Dad trying to fix what I did. Stay with me, there is a point.

Maybe that’s the whole problem with Tradewars. The majority of game buyers out there are content with the $20 Deer Hunter clone at Walmart. They want their games dumb and cheap. Then there are the Quake junkies who pay $300 for a new video card every year and play the most sophisticated games made. But there are certain games that successfully appeal to both sides. Any Blizzard game such as Diablo or Starcraft are good examples. When a Tradewars sequel is created, the hardest challenge may be getting that balance.

Let’s face it, Tradewars screams hardcore. You have to play through some weird “telnet” thing and practically need a helper or scripts to play effectively. It’s not the easiest game to learn and you need to play consistently to win. That last reason is also why I don’t play much.

Besides having to deal with the problem of turning a text game into something graphical, the makers will also have to tone down how hardcore it will be. I suppose it probably doesn’t matter in the end. Chances are it’ll be made on a shoestring budget. It’ll be able to cater to the hardcore because it won’t need to sell 2 million copies to foot the development bill. I’ll probably buy and play whatever sequal is made and no matter how hardcore or horrible it ends up being and I’m sure I’m not alone.