Once I get my hands on some of the software I’ve been trying to find on the Internet the past couple of weeks, I will be giving TRADEWARS.WS a new look. The pages should basically look the same, but with more graphics to give the site more of a visual feel instead of blocks upon blocks of text. If anyone knows where I can get the trial version of Bryce 4 (which is now owned by Corel) please let me know. I checked out the Corel site, but it seems that they don’t have trial downloads of any of their software. Also, if anyone knows of any good 3D creation software, feel free to let me know about those as well. I’d like something to make 3D models of objects, as well as 3D “worlds.”I will be adding my own links section to the web site in the near future. The link to Hekate’s site will still appear on all of the pages throughout the site. My list will contain links to other TW sites, as well as off-topic sites that I like to visit occasionally.

Sorry about the delay on the new Server List layout. Time has not been on my side the past week or so. It should happen sometime this week…I also have a couple of new servers to add to the new list, including the great Home Sector!

I have setup a tentative meeting with Bad Girl and Guardian (and possibly a couple of others that can make it) to discuss the Trade Wars Players’ Association in more detail with some fellow TW players that are closer to me. I have a lot of good ideas, but I want to run them by some other people and establish a basis for the association before I release anymore public information. More on this after the meeting (which is tentatively set for the weekend of November 10th, etc.).