Didn’t have access to the appropriate software to update the site this weekend. I was back in Pennsylvania for a visit. Well, here’s everything that happened while I was gone…WARNING, it’s a BIG update!!Timberwolf has been working on his line of TW-related soap operas over at the TW Gazette web site. Yours truly is the star in one of the latest “The Traders and the Warriors.” He has also been adding a few things to the TWGS-MBBS comparison chart for you old timers that are getting back into the game and need to see what has changed since the MBBS days. Go check it out.

Timberwolf is also working on a ‘Death & Destruction’ series of games to be hosted on The Deep South and Intergate. The Deep South game will be starting sometime in the near future, but the Intergate game will occur sometime much later. This first D&D game will consist of 2-man corps, while the second will be every person for themselves! I enjoyed the D&D games in the past, hopefully these will be just as enjoyable as the first! (Bring back the Action IV Transport, T!)

EleqTrizi’T has gone on an OFFICIAL rampage! He’s right with most of his points…except maybe the official best web site one. Actually I’m just kidding Eleq, I visit the Home Sector more than any other TW web site and it looks DAMN good!

OFFICIAL Trade Wars Discussion group founded by EleqTrizi’T and Aitvo is now up to 67 members in just a couple of days! It’s good to see that people still want to talk about Trade Wars and not fight with each other constantly. It also seems that there are already some opponents of the group that are jealous of the title “Official” being placed on the group. What do they do? Start bothering folks (mostly JP) over at the EIS forum about it. Oh well, they can whine all they want. If you’re not a member, sign up now!

While at the first annual Trade Wars Convention in Las Vegas last weekend, I hear Moldar threw out some ideas of his for a Trade Wars sequel. Word has it that he will be putting these ideas up on a web site sometime in the near future for people to check out and discuss. I have a ton of ideas myself. It will be interesting to see if Moldar hit any of those same issues.

Tournament Updates
The Haunted Halloween Tournament starts tonight at midnight CST!! Thirteen total teams have signed up to play! If you haven’t signed up for the game yet, you better get in gear and do it soon! Time is running out! Space Ghost is accepting registrations and changes up until midnight EST! Game starts at midnight CST!

More HHT news, KARMA has replaced their member, Merlin, with –{Cowboy}–. Merlin wasn’t able to join us full-time for the tournament and pulled out of the game. KARMA will still go on!

WTC is still running, I don’t have many details except that The Good, Bad, and Indifferent and The Huns are the only teams left after the Black Knights were eliminated last week in a joint invasion. EleqTrizi’T would not allow the game to end on a truce, so the last two corporations are battling it out until the end! Hopefully this game will see an end soon…before those folks begin to lose their sanity. I was part of The Huns until I was deleted a while ago for inactivity, I kinda wish I were still in their battling it out. Good luck to both teams.