Supposedly Soul/Hell Razor has resigned from Silver Wings. There was a dispute in the TradeWarriors eGroup…things were thrown out of proportion, other things weren’t explained, and in my opinion there was a lot of miscommunication. Should be interesting to see what happens…95% of the time people come back…you can’t resist the all-mighty power that is Trade Wars 😛**TW League Update**
The voting process has now begun!! You can check out nominee interviews here at TRADEWARS.WS or at the TW League web site. Only members of the league may vote for the new board member and all votes must be in by Midnight EST on Thursday, October 19th! Send all votes to May the best candidate win!

The convention is coming up very soon! If you haven’t booked or decided to go it’s probably too late unless you want to drive out to Nevada and sleep in your car!

Haunted Halloween Tournament starts in 14 days! Eleven teams have signed up so far…get your team in today!