I don’t use the boomstick often, but some people are just attracted to it. I Found this today on SilverWings:

“The Den finally decides to update his webpage….Welcome back Timber. I thought maybe you and Mana Knight eloped together.”

If I don’t update, it’s for two reasons: I have nothing to say or I’m busy with classes. Usually the latter. So before you start bitching, try handling two Computer science projects (One consisting of writing a C++ program that makes a postfix parser using tree structures and another using pure Assembler) all sandwiched with a crunchy Calculus 2 Exam. Because, you know, Calc2 is really easy.

Right now, all I feel like doing is hitting my head against my desk until I become so stupid I’ll have no choice but to drop out of college and the pain will finally end.

And you know what else? NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU. At least I don’t require people to register with ICQ to view this website. It’s people like you who make me want to purchase a .22 and some life insurance. Why? Because people as stupid as you can’t be admitted to hell. I mean, lets think about it. Satan doesn’t want stupid people in Hell, he wants them all in heaven so it’ll be easier to take it over, and Hell is looking pretty atractive right now.