EleqTrizi’T is starting up the Home Sector Title Game once again! The game begins today at 6:00pm PST! One question…Can ya dig it? The last Title Game (Summer Xtreme) champions were Hekate, Gravedigr, Slim Shady (JacK BoX), Fuseblown (that’s me!), DarkOne, and Rawhead Rex, making up the corporation of KARMA. Will KARMA be back to defend their title?I wanna thank Timberwolf for sending me a postcard (mail, yay!) all the way from northern Michigan. The idea has been going around about TW players exchanging Christmas cards starting this year. Timberwolf came up with the idea and a lot of people seem to like it. More on this a little later.

If anyone would like me to send them a postcard from Washington, D.C., just e-mail me your name, alias, and mailing address and I’ll be sure to send one out ASAP! Speedy and Timberwolf expressed interest in this and I will be sending theirs out this week!