(SINGING) WHO LET THE DOGS OUT….WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF…If you have been following Guardian’s and Boo, Inc’s pages you will see that players of the HHT are dying at the drop of a phonton. Looks like Eleq and Rolo had the hearses lined up this morning to take away the dead. There was no need of the rescue squad last night and this morning there werent to many survivors. The HHT from what I hear is one of the most exciting tournaments this year! Congrats to Space Ghost!!!

Eleq is FINALLY bringing the TITLE game back at Home Sector. He promised he would once the WTC was over. The TITLE game is probably the best game on the TW circuit. So come over to Home Sector on Monday night and play..you wont regret it!

I understand over at Intergate Ativo will be banging some new games soon also. Check it out!

The BOTE is still going on and it looks like it may beat the WTC record for longest game in progress. Nazwes Chaiwind and his group have been at there finest in this game. Prestone is holding his corp togehter and battling it. And the fament team is hanging in there I believe with one maybe 2 surviving people left.

Finally, Look in the Egroups for news on the upcoming Valentine’s Day Masacre (USO) and some surprising news to go with it!