Dell Bond has started a TWGS called the InsynQ War Zone. Here’s the information he sent me:“I have 3 games op. there are 7 games on my server game
b is called blue’s dream game it’s the best game for
blue players but red players can play it too. the next
game I have it is game d dragon killer which is made
by GAMI hestity, and it is a very good game to play.
the next game in line is called silver future (f)
which is made by lilrogue still working on that game,
so far it is looking good. next game is called InsynQ
War Zone (I) which is named after the server, lot’s of
edits . next game is Star Wars (S) a game that is made
by Sojourner still in the works but looks good so far,
lot’s of edits. next game is called tournament game
(t) this game have 850 turns 20k sectors and also who
ever win this game gets to make his/her’s own game on
this server. the last and final is War Zone (w) it is
all that poeple want’s the game to be it has lots of
edits and planets and everything.
the add to my server is the server is
called the InsynQ War Zone.

Lots of games to choose from! Check it out!