It’s rare that a revolution comes along in the video game industry, let alone the game of TradeWars 2002 itself. So blessed are we today that such a revolution should happen while all of us are still living.

What is the revolution that I speak of? I recognized it when the sysop of the ClockWork Orange BBS made an annoucement about his upcoming game. He’s successfully managed to turn TradeWars into Trade-Magical Happy Fun Land where Everyone Gets Along With Each Other-Wars. Observe:

A period of 6 months shall exist where all players MUST observe manditory interstellar peace. No player shall attack another player regardless of alignment …. ONE fighter may be deployed for the use of transwarp, it must not be Toll or Offensive. Once you leave the game it must be removed.

After reading this game description, I feel like my beloved game has been turned into the equivalent of a Happy Meal toy. Apparenly that “Attack” action that was put into the main menu isn’t supposed to be there. I guess it’s just a bug that was never taken out. Same with being able to deploy offensive fighters and, oh yea, those Quazar Cannon things.

You play Tradewars to blow stuff up, not sit around and watch a meter go up. I suggest that if you can’t handle it, then try a game that is better suited for you. I suggest the Sailor Moon Collectable Card Game or Princess Maker 2.

But I digress, I actually like Princess Maker 2.