Damn, it’s been a while since my last update…lots of things going on..

First of all, I’m still busy as a bee with starting this ISP, all of my time and energy has gone into working on this day in and day out and in some cases, night in and night out. Things are starting to come together and soon I’ll have a little bit of free time to put into some TW-related projects.

Next, the WTC is over, the GoodGuys tore it apart. I was given a list of six players to announce as the winners, however I somehow lost those from my ICQ history and do not have them. Either way, the GoodGuys won, I’ll post a list of the GoodGuys team on the WTC page ASAP. This year’s game was very quick and I know there are a lot of upset folk about the whole thing. However, it’s a no-holds-barred game, and that’s how it turned out this year. Hopefully next year, a little more time and organization will be put into it. I wanna thank Poison and MemphisTW for hosting the game for me this year!

Third, this year’s BOTE is coming up real soon…it will begin on July 17th at FEN. All public servers are eligible to send in a team to represent them in one of the best tournaments of the year. More information coming soon!

Finally, the Home Sector TWGS will be back up this week! I have to format my personal computer to take care of some performance issues and the occasional freezing it likes to pull on me. Once that is done, I’ll throw the TWGS up on it and run it out of our ISP office on a T1 connection. The BBS will be back up sometime later, once I make some room for it on a Linux server and get it all setup.. probably sometime in July.

That’s about it for now, wanted to let everyone know what’s going down and what to expect in the coming weeks!