Here’s an update that I received from the owner/founder of the USO, Bad Girl, when asked for a current update on the tournament. There are also some interesting facts thrown in there about this year’s USO so far!“The USO is going great. We had 114 players registered and 93 logged into play. The first night there were many poddings and killings. Mr Clean still ranks as #1 killer and podder with 31 poddings and 19 kills…but watch out that New Zealander XIDE is approaching him fast with 18 kills. Many players have come to shine in this tourney…we are seeing some excellent playing from players who normally only play on small servers. We have been hearing from many of the players that is has been the best tournament so far. Those that have been eliminated have come back to tell us they had a great time and will be back next year for sure.

Here are a few highlights:

So far 18 people have been podded by Nav Haz and 6 people have been killed from it.
12 people CBY’d
4 people have been podded by mines and 3 have been killed by mines.
1 person has been podded by corbo
2 have been podded by planets
1 has been blown up and killed on a port

We have had a small problem with TWGS but Eleq fixed it as soon as he became of aware of the problem. This tourney has been running very well. For those that didnt play …well all I can say is you are missing a fun one!

Bad Girl”

Thanks Bad Girl!! As a player in the USO myself, I must say I’m having a wonderful time! One thing that Bad Girl forgot to add was that one person so far has been podded by Captain Zyrain (way to go DarkOne {Grin}).

If you missed out on the tournament this year, be sure to check it out next year! For up-to-date information on this year’s game check out the official USO 2001 site!