Remember the quickie game I wanted to do that was posted on here a while ago? The Family Entertainment Network is hosting the Leprechaun Hunt on March 17, time TBA. Here is the objective:

21 players will be cloaked in fedspace, all named “Leprechaun1”, “Leprechaun2”, etc. All will be in scouts. Next day’s extern, they will be towed. Object is to find and kill each one. Winner is the one who kills the most Leprechauns in the game. This game could be over in as quick as two days to as much as 7 days when I call the game over on the 24th and award the most kills to the winner.(I go on vacation a couple days later).

This is a single player competition which means it is everyman for himself. One day entry then game is closed to new players at midnite server time and Macahan will be watching for dupes very closely.Extern runs at 4am server time I believe and the Leprechauns will only be towed once so if not all are found on the first day after towed, they still will be in the same spot the second day and so on.

I will award a small prize to the winner in the form of a $5 certificate from a fast food place such as Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut. Not much of a prize, yeah I know, but i’m not rich 🙂 Most games dont have prizes anyways 🙂

Some settings are as follows: 800 turns, 5000 sectors, 50% rob and steal rate, & 200% port regen to allow blues plenty of trading cash. The only ship edit is that the CFS will have the following edits done: 1 tpw, 2 to 1 odds, and carry one photon. All other CFS specs remain default.