Devil Dog (TW League fame) has opened his own TWGS server with a BBS front-end! Here’s the word from DD:

Hello all after being out of BBSing for a few years I have decided to
run one again, with a TWGS rlogin also, the BBS is set up and so are
a few Door games, the TWGS is also set up with 2 games for now. I
will be re-banging all games doors and TWGS on May 1st and I am
starting off the TWGS with a nice 20K sector unlimited turn, high
edit, 4 hours a day game. this game is set up as a practice game
right now and will re-bang on the first. (my wifes labor pending of
course!) Games will bang at 12:00PM (noon) at EST Come join us at

The Medieval Realms BBS

See ya there,
Devil Dog

I checked this BBS out and it was blazin’! Good work DD! You can count me in for all of the Inter-BBS games (BRE & FE)!!