(Last updated chart Feb 8,2001 – Latest update in green -corrections in red)
(Also check out Cruncher’s Trade Wars Formulas)


Situation in TW



Evicting players from citadels Cannot evict online players though still is able to evict offline players can evict both online and offline players
Colo Regen Top of the hour only all the time
Fedspace Photons No option to ban firing from fedspace toggle option in TEDIT Gold mode. This feature can be set to either allow or disallow photons fired from fedspace such as from SD in SD blockades.
Death Delay option under TWpro toggle option in TEDIT Gold mode
See Who’s online Thru the BBS. Depending on the settings, a user could make himself invisible and not be seen online the user list. Toggle option in TEDIT Gold Mode. If set to off, you can only see corpmates and observers online and not anyone else. Though I think you can still see who’s online in the game menu.
Level 4 planet or higher in MSL at Extern Planet(s) gets towed Planet(s) get knocked down to level 2
Podding who already had two pods for the day If you try capping a manned ship occupied by a trader having 2 pods for the day already, what happens is that you are still able to capture the ship, not blow it up. but you get a message saying the trader tries to warp out of the sector in a pod but the pod then explodes in a brilliant fireball. Just like killing someone as if he is in a scout. No ship capture. Even if you use only one fig and your victim has no figs or shields, he still goes *poofta*
Attempted Corp Break ins If you get a corp pw wrong multiple times, it will be recorded in the logs each time If you get a corp pw wrong multiple times, it will be only recorded in the logs once.
Offensive fighters attack with 50% of fighters in sector. Amount loss is related to ships defensive rating. If ship can withstand more, 50% of sector fighters are lost. If ship can’t withstand 50% then ship is blown and the number of fighters used is UP TO the number needed to blow the ship. attacks with 1.25% of ship defensive rating. Uses fighters UP TO that amount – dependant on what’s available in sector.
Blowing planets [Pause] after the ZDY..you need to hit ‘enter’ to come out of the rubble. On and after version .44, the [pause] is removed. You come out of the rubble right away after ZDY
unmanned ships without pods cannot be capped, only blown. Scouts and pods themselves are examples and used often for the old corbo trap ploy. unmanned scouts, pods, and other ships without pods can now be capped.
Collecting bounties or rewards all victim has to do is carry at least one fig on ship and just be podded for killer to claim bounty/reward victim must be #SD# for killer to claim bounty/reward
Buying & selling Ships If you are parked at SD, you will see anyone buying ships will have the ship launched from dock. Also if someone sells a ship, you will see the ship taken by the dock workers. You don’t see ships launched from dock. You will have to either press “D” for display or just “enter” to refresh the display at SD to see if anyone is buying ships and sending it to dock.
Planet Shields only one shield will protect you from a photon. An undetermined amount of shields is required to protect planets from photons. Even 100 shields isn’t enough. Figure it out 🙂
Rogue planets if you try to land on them, you will be hit by cannons and if you survive cannon hits, figs wont attack you and you just have to land to claim planet, figs and all. planet figs will be set to attack you. you still have to invade to get planet. Thanks to Mr Paul Buede AKA Col. Sanders for pointing this out.
Zero turn colonizing If you run out of turns, you still would be able to grab collies and drop them on another planet in same sector. HVS bug. Nice for colonizing a lv 4 or higher 2 hops from terra right down to about 10 turns left then using colt to transfer them or to shift collies around when you have no turns. Wonder if JP would emulate this HVS bug in MBBS mode on the TWGS as he did for Megarob. Turns required to pick up collies from a planet. if you try and pick up collies with no turns, you will get a prompt that you have no turns left to do so.
Nav Haz in FedSpace clears according to game setting. usually the default 3% daily totally clears at extern even if it is 100% nav haz before extern.
MegaRob yes yes but only in a game with MBBS mode enabled…press V on main game screen to get version and type of game. If MBBS mode isn’t enabled, then there is no megarob.
CEO leaves corp or is deleted from game Corp assets end up being CEO’s personal stuff, but if CEO is deleted, then they go rogue. Corp remains intact if others remain in corp with person highest exp promoted to CEO. If CEO is only one, then corp is disbanded and assets go rogue.
Self Destruct (CBY) lose 1/2 exp & alignment exp becomes 0 and for goods, alignment drops to -10 and for evils, half of the evil alignment is lost
Murdered at SD underground lose 1/2 exp & alignment goes back to 0 exp and 0 alignment
Limpets only one can be picked up and cleared at SD one at a time Multiple limpets can be picked up repeatedly and then cleared at SD just once. Limpets can also be cleared at Class 0 ports and at sector 1 port
Being Podded Online you will exit from the game upon being podded. this may cost you your life..by the time you get back in, you may already be dead. You wont exit the game if podded..you still will be in your pod but still online in the game, allowing you a much better chance to get away if you can.
mines, figs , or quasar planet deployed over your offline character if you are podded when logging in, you exit the game like above and upon return, you will be destroyed because there is no place to retreat to unless you contact a corpie before you log back in to remove mines and/or figs or invade the planet holding you. If podded by quasar, mines, or figs when logging in..the pod will flee to next sector (or sector you last were in if you warped to current sector) unless the sector is blocked. Plus you will not exit game and can simply limp home. 🙂 that is..if you weren’t surrounded 🙂
Mine Control Both armid & limpets must be under the same control in a sector. Both must be corp owned or personal owned..not one or the others.. Control of one type of mine does not affect the other. You could lay personal limpets and corp armid or lay armids over a foe’s limpets for example.
Command buffer Commands cannot be executed until you get to the prompt you want to execute. You can enter a series of commands in advance and they will be executed..say you wanna warp to SD at sector 100..buy a cloak, then warp to terra and cloak..type all at once the following or use it as a macro: 100^myypshd1^mqq1^myy. Anyone sitting at SD waiting to attack you wont even have a chance to even power up 🙂
^m means enter in above string of commands.
fedcom & subspace radio can only chat at command prompt can chat anywhere..even from SD. Great for calling out for help should a foe hover over SD waiting to kill you. No matter what prompt you are at..simply press ` for fedcom or ‘ for subspace and the appropriate chat command will appear.
Corp Memo Only CEO can use memo anyone on corp can send out memo.
Ferrengi Overlord appears in MBBS doesnt appear in TWGS but you can make one thru Gold Alien editor. Just make one alien maximum in the Overlord race, make the scorpion unique, and set spawn settings hi to make the overlord very difficult to beat. also no homeworld.
Unmanned Ships can be capped in fedspace.Though caps at SD are usually forbidden by sysops due to possible server crash. cannot be capped in fedspace. try it and it is like attacking a fedsafe blue. Captain Zyrain wont allow it. Great for temporary storage or to bring a corpie a ship to terra if he dies but comes back later on after midnite. However unmanned ships do get repossessed at extern. So dont leave unmanned ships in SD too long.
Ship Delay Can be on or off but speed unsure. Now I’m told it is the same as TWGS. This will be removed if it is correct can be half, third, quarter, normal or double though I’ve yet to see a game with double ship delay. Can also be no ship delay.
Porting only one player can port at a time at the same port. Two or more players can port at the same time. No need to wait. Also, you are not visible in the sector when porting, but do show on a density scan.
Users Online needed to go to global then whatever command the BBS uses to see users online such as =u a simple # will do it
# of TW games show me a MBBS with multiple games as many TW games as resources allowing it.
Rebang sometimes need to bring down whole BBS just to rebang if TWGS is on a BBS, only the TWGS needs to go down for rebang
Change Settings Again I think a BBS must come down just to change settings (for v2.02.06 anyways)
I believe 2.03 version MBBS ops can change settings without being down BBS though the TW server locks out players while settings are adjusted
no need to shut down to change most settings except to activate a gold alien,planet, or ship
Extern server shuts down for extern you can be online while extern runs
Hailing done at BBS global commands press = (person’s name) to hail that person
Navigation Menu none Press N for navigation menu. Press Y to assign frequent navigation points (1 to 4 sectors). Terra and SD (if not hidden) already part of menu.
Settlings list on start up menu none Press S on start up menu and * for expanded settings.
Observer feature for sysops none allows sysops to be in game to chat and monitor game and cannot attack or be attacked nor will mines, cannons, figs, etc affect him.
Taxing goods can be taxed anytime they enter game each day goods can only be taxed once a day
Jettison Collies decreases positive alignment down to negative alignment; only 1 jettison a day in negative alignment. Suggest you stop at 0 alignment then jettison full holds into the negative. decreases alignment only once per day
Messages only one line have option for one line or multiple lines
Daily logs nonstop output pauses at every screen length – press A to abort output
Type of game always MBBS have choice of setting classic door, MBBS, Gold, or combination of the three.
Gold features TWPro for editing ships or planets though not all MBBS boards have it – MBBS 2.02.06 doesnt while 2.03 does, though TWPro is a seperate add on you must buy for 2.03. ability to create new ships, planets, and aliens and that’s just for starters..much more possibilities than TWPro in MBBS could offer.
Fed commision if you go under 1000 align points after applying for a commish, you need to work your way back up to 1000 as you cannot reapply for commish. Should Note that player can drop to 0 alignment, then be able to re-apply for re-commish at 500 alignment. Slip under 1000 align somehow? simply reapply. You can reapply as many times as you want providing you are over 500 alignment. No need to work to get it back. Feds are generous in TWGS 🙂
Attack prompt can lock on target cannot lock on target
Turns recovery have to log out at top of hour to get turns then log back in turns are recovered automatically if you are online when the hour rolls around.
Deaths reset at midnight with all 3 lives intact coming in at midnite but with only one life…then at extern, you are able to get the other two. If you die one day and come back next day after midnite but before extern, you will only have one life..getp odded before extern, you go poofta..no more lives til next day.
Ferrengal(I may be wrong on this and will look into my source further) if invaded, the fers reclaim it at extern if they have their figs in sector if invaded, it is yours to keep unless another player takes it from you.
However, Gold Ferrengi can recapture Ferrengal from you.
Carrying photons In HVS MBBS if you are carrying a p-torp and your ship hits nav haz,as long as you have enough shields to protect you, the p-torp will not blow and take your turns. The photons will go off if you hit offensive figs or mines no matter what amount of shields you have. In twgs the p-torp goes off every time you hit something(nav haz, mines, off figs, quasars), shields or no.
Corp Transfer cant transfer to/from cloaked corpie in sector can transfer to/from cloaked corpie in same sector.