I’d like to welcome you to our website, and hope you find everything you’re looking for.  If not, please feel free to drop me a e-mail letting me know what you’d like to see added or changed.  It’s only with the input from visitors like yourself that I can truly improve the site, and though I’ve got a basic schedule of what I’ll add and when I’ll add it, if I get a request for something, that request will take top priority.

What is here now represents about three to five percent of what the website will offer once its finished and moved to its permanant domain.  In the meantime, its thanks to Andrew Wyatt, sysop of Intergate BBS, that you can read this page without one of those ugly pop-up ads that Tripod likes to push their way into your html.  For the millionth time, thanks Mr. Wyatt for offering to be our interim web hosting service.

As for me, I started playing Trade Wars six years ago under my given name: Lisa Wilson.  Later, I met and befriended a fellow player on a local BBS who went by the handle of Icehawk.  It wasn’t long after that that I started getting my first real education in the ways of the Twarrior, and became known as Ice Mistress.  Nowadays I play as Kitty Moon on most servers, though on rare occasions, you might find Ice Mistress in a game.   But the name has definitely stuck with me in some ways.  Take for example the above graphics.  Very frosty if I do say so myself.  As for Icehawk, well, he’s still alive and kicking, and plays in a couple games, and will be putting a lot of work into this site as well.

Kitty’s Playground is a prelude of something better yet to come.  This is its third incarnation, actually.  The first was hosted off a local BBS as a source of TeleMate scripts, helpers, guides, etc. for the local players and as far as I know never received many hits from outside the BBS, even though it was available through the BBSes web service.  That particular BBS shut down unexpectedly a little over a year ago, and I lost a majority of the work Icehawk and I had put into it.  Plans were made to start from scratch, but before we could really get anything started I enlisted in the Army.

Nine months later now, we’re putting the pieces of the original Playground back together again.  Only this time we’re hoping to attract the attention of Twarriors from all over, from every level of play.  Like before, our goal is to become the definitive Trade Wars portal.  Nothing less than that will suffice.  To that end, we’re working on several interesting projects.

POP3 mail accounts will be available after our move to our permanent domain and server.  Icehawk is kindly donating a 1,000 client license of MS Exchange Server that he’s been sitting on for over a year now after a business customer reneged on a software purchase.   Hopefully, a thousand POP3 accounts will hold out for a while.  Look for the POP3 service within the next four months, when we’ll also be moving to the new domain.

A real-time e-mail accessible forum is also on our to-do list, though when this will get started, let alone completed, is up in the air right now..

There’s so many things we’d like   to do with Kitty’s Playground that we couldn’t even list them all, nor would we if we could, to avoid that “you said you were going to do that,” trap that so many people seem to fall into when things don’t work out the way they intended them to, either by design or through no error of their own.

Stick around, throw your two cents in, or more if you really have some great ideas, and enjoy what we have to offer now as well as what we plan and hope to offer in the future.


Lisa Wilson, aka Kitty Moon