I thought I should do these awards before the more official awards are announced. At least with my pickings, they are only worth the value of my opinion. I have categories similar to those of the official awards, plus some of my own.

The people eligible for the awards include everyone not named EleqTrizi’T.



He builds like there is no tommorow. Somehow, he manages to get a few kills in after he’s done upgrading 30 planets. A farmer if I’ve ever seen one. A farmer with a big gun.

BEST RED – Ripclaw

He knows all the tricks because he’s been an underling in the two greatest corps of all time, DE! and the Black Knights.


Come on, he kills like his name is Manson. Does he even know how to do anything else?

TEAM PLAYER – Peacemaker

He’s played on many, many corps. He gets along well with people and can take orders or dish ’em. I hear about a lot of things, and one thing I’ve never heard is a complaint about Peacemaker.


I had to include this one. Peacemaker is the model player for all the little brats terrorizing us Sysops and fellow players on a daily basis. A perfect gentleman.

TEACHER – Guardian

The only person I know of that holds master classes in TW.

TWGS SITE – Intergate (bbs.intergate.cx)

Fact is, when I think of places to play in my spare time, the first place I would check is Intergate. They have a hot connection, and now that there is some more horsepower in their TWGS machine, it’s got a nice, fast feel to it. Aitvo is sysop supreme. He even wrote the Fusion GS software that front-ends the TWGS.

TWGS GAME-OP – Timberwolf

He promotes hard, runs good games with good edits. I haven’t received too many complaints about a Timberwolf-run TW game. Matter of fact, I can’t remember seeing any…


He was a badass, be glad he’s gone.

BEST WEBSITE – Dragon’s Elite

This one tore me up. How can I even THINK about giving the award to anyone but Mana Knight? But fact is Mana Knight keeps wasting his life in school instead of giving us website updates. Plus, Guardian has the coveted guides of Shell’s that I was trying to get. Bastard.


I actually visit Hekate’s more often than anyone’s. But the fact is, you can’t give a link site the best award. That would be like giving Altavista an award. Still, the site makes for a great interchange for TW information on the internet.


“April 16, 2000 – iDSO, known for it’s great information and technology prowess, today announced the Anal Examinor 2.0. With this product, iDSO will forever change the way bodily excrement is extracted from the rear cavity of today’s women and homosexual men. This, coupled with an alliance with mamma.com, gives iDSO the unrivaled leverage needed to finally finish making their own corporate website to include something besides ‘under construction’ gif images.” – fake press release, but reads like the real ones.



She’s head of the beta-testing group. Without the beta testers and Cruncher, we would be much farther behind in eliminating all the bugs. We all are indebted to her, and don’t forget it.

MALE – JOHN PRITCHETT, new owner of TW2002

All hail the king! Without JP, our game would be dead, and no one would be here reading this today. He constantly releases bug fixes, rewrites entire chunks of code and stays up late many nights just so we can play. On top of that, he’s easily accessible and answers his email. What a guy!