WGS Version .44 has a minor change in that the [Pause] prompt is removed after blowing up a planet. So for those of you using scripts or macros to bust planets, you need to modify your scripts slightly in order to bust planets quickly on servers running .44 or later. I dont know about Q-modem Pro, TWX, and SWATH java scripts, but in ZOC, a common planet detonation line is this: LZDY^M. The ^M gets you past the [Pause] prompt. If you play on a server running .44 or later, modify your planet bust scripts to remove that ^M or whatever is your symbol for a carriage return for your scripting program. This will allow your script to move along swiftly. Otherwise, the ^M will slow you down a tad as it ends up re-displaying the sector when in previous versions it gets you past the [Pause] prompt.

I’ll be soon posting modified planet bust scripts to accodomate TWGS .44 users and for players using Havocs and MC’s to bust planets. I hope to have them posted later today or tommorow if I’m not too busy preparing for my vacation.