The 2006 Haunted Halloween Tournament (HHT) Has been announced and already 20 people have signed up!!! Get in on the Fun!!!

HHT06 is a democratic draft tournament. the draft process includes the following steps:
1. players register by october 1.
2. registered players vote for the CEO they think is the best out of the list by october 6.
3. the vote counts are publicized and the top nominees are given the chance to decline.
4. 3 CEOs are announced.
5. CEOs are shown a list of who voted for them.
6. CEOs create a draft priority list by ranking every player by october 13.
7. CEOs are assigned a random number; lowest number gets priority.
8. teams are assigned round-robin based on each CEO’s draft priority list.*

So Newbies and Veterns All will learn something !! This may be your chance to LEARN more !!!!!! You can get more details here Sign up today!