Jester asked me to post this for him.

Well me and sing were talking and decided on a good edit for a byoc.
Sign up in this thread and I will get with you for your Corp name and
Login info blah blah.

Poker Edit 10k universe
1200 turns
Non-Mbbs Gold
Half Cit Times
Tourny Mode
3 day turn bank
No Delays
100% steal
5 man corps
16 death limit (laff) wanted to be different since all are usually 10
No time limit
Will be held at Vulcan’s Server and I am sure we can have him set up a
practice game this week for early corps and leave it running until day
before real one starts. This is no point system and will end with last
man standing. Really don’t want another issue like recently and don’t
want a stalemate so 16 death limit should also help with that as well.
More to follow but the rest of the ships and planet edits in the game
will remain as the edit is set.

If you want to bring a corp and play then go to the link and post that you are in.

Any questions or concerns email Jester or singularity. Thanks