— updated 4/22 —

The winning corp in this game of TW CHESS will each receive a free CK License to use the TWX scripts in the CK Combat Pack.

Also, I’d like to reiterate… you ARE allowed to dupe within the same corp… so all 4 accounts can be played by 1 person if you so choose.

— end of update —

TW CHESS 2004 will open this Saturday, the 24th of April, at 12 noon eastern time.

Standard TW Chess v2 edits will be used, with standard TW Chess rules. The server will run TWGS version 3.11.55 for the duration of the game.

4/corp, 800 turns, 5k sectors

Corp CEOs will need to register in advance so I can set up your corps/planets. The registration form is now online at https://tavern.homeip.net