It seems to me that Tradewars has to have the most confusing community outside of the one where people dress up as animated characters. For instance, this page is called “The Home Sector” yet the address is When this site was still running it’s own tradewars server, it was called “The Stardock”. Common sense would usually dictate that if you had a website running a server, you would probably name it after the website. Then again if you’re an employee for pollstar, you probably don’t have an IQ up there with Stephen Hawking.

Then there’s the acronymns. Let’s see how many I can remember just off the top of my head: TWGS, TW, TW2002 TW:G, TWH, TWX, TW:DM, HS, SD, CF, ISS, SWATH, ATAC, USO, SST, SSD, PT, TWAR, ZOC, EIS, JP, DE, HHT, BOTE, WTC, and J-TWAT. The last one is actually a helper and not a porn site. Regardless, if you can do a search for it in google without getting a site that involves carnal gymnastics, you’ll have my admiration until you realize what a waste of time that was.

Want more? I write for this website and also that other one you might have heard of. Heck, I’ve even been a part of this community so long I can’t figure out if I should called myself Mana Knight or “MK”. I mean, MK is just so much more cool and sexy then the full version. Maybe I should just do the same to my real name and have people call me “JG.” Yea, they’ll say “JG, what’s up!” and I’ll just point to them and nod.

Is it any wonder why we get so few new people playing this game?

[Forum]: I like, totally disagree with you! J-TWAT really is refering to porn!