Banging Monday, at 10 pm EST (7 pm PST) at will be Empire 10k! 6 man corps, 600 turns, 10k sectors! We have at least 2 big name corps committed to this game and every intention of it lasting more than just a few days.

These are new edits designed by Cherokee and Kemper3. They lean towards a more traditional game play, with red sdting, planet building, that sort of thing. The edits were designed with the intention of having a longer game. It is a 10k sector universe with ships edited in such a way that it should be easily possible to get planets to lvl 4 without being found. At the same time, colonist production is going to be 50k/day for 45 days, and then be shut off. This should keep the game from becoming a stalemate from ore. Full edits should be forthcoming in a day or so. We are just making a few final adjustments to them. Get your 6 man corp together and get ready for a good, fun game. See you there!