Chess v2 is over already, by mutual agreement, and plenty of screwups to go around. 🙂

Rebang is scheduled for 9pm eastern time, Thursday December 18th, with a few changes. I’m getting a terrific response already, so this is looking like it will be a big one!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I don’t care how many actual people are on your team. You can play alone with 4 accounts, or have 4 real people each playing 1 account. The bottom line is you get 4 accounts per team, no megacorping. Standard chess rules apply – please see for the full list of edits, settings, and rules for Chess v2.

You must have your team of 4 ready to go by Wednesday the 17th, at 9pm. Each CEO should email me ( with the 4 trader names and passwords.

I will select a dead end under an ore selling port to place your King Castle in. Each non-ceo player will start the game on the King Castle citadel, and each CEO will start in a Castle Wall sitting over the King Castle.