We lose another quality server…

Hello to all users at Coastgames.com.

It has been a great pleasure being a sysop for many years. But after 4 years it saddens me to say that coastgames.com is shutting down. I no longer have the desire or ambition to run a tradewars server and if I keep it going the way it is I will only anger people and make myself feel worse due to not being able to dedicate myself to it..

Effective immediately all games will be closed to new entries and the server will go down very shortly.

Thanks to all the support I have had for the past 4 years and thank you very much to The Reverend for stepping up and helping me when I needed it.

The web site and all its subdomain will stay up. The coastgames.com domain is not ending just the tradewars part of it.

AKA Oldtimer

Jerry Brown
Sysop/Owner Coastgames.com

Who’s stepping up to the plate to fill the void?