Announcing Cherokee’s Dupe Challenge – Starts this Saturday 11/22/2003 at 10pm eastern

UPDATE: as of 11/18, 8 players have signed up, only 22 spots left.

EPOCH edits will be used.
500 turns, 5,000 sectors
Stardock will be attached to fedspace.

4 traders/corp
2 accounts per player, maximum 30 players/60 accounts.
5 planets/sector
Fed parking 100, no cloak fail
Extern 10pm eastern
Photons 5 seconds, multi-fire on, fed photons on
200% port regen
1 day radiation lifetime

100k starting colos
40k colos per day

This is a TWGS GOLD game, non-MBBS.
MBBS combat penalty mode will be in effect (no align change against corp figs)
Steal divisor is 12 (40% sf)
Rob multiplier is 2 (150% rf)
Busts clear every day

There are 15 gold bubbles of 100 sectors (2 entrances each).
Deep inside of each gold bubble will be a level 4 mountainous planet, with ore and colonists. Early game exploring will be critical. Capturing several of these planets will give you an enormous head start in the game, but be careful… Quasars will be hot!

Complete details and the Registration Form are available at – this should be filled out by each player who wants to play – first come first served – only 30 players (60 accounts) will be allowed to register.

The Lost Traders Tavern