Several very good players are looking for a casual game against other good players.

The game will start this Saturday, 3pm eastern time at TERRA (

Max corp size is 3, and at least 3 teams need to sign up by tomorrow night. If there are not enough teams by tomorrow, the start date will be pushed back until there are enough teams.

– gold, NON-mbbs
– 5k sectors, 500 turns
– 45 minute time limit (this is a casual game, no time limit subverting bots)
– port regen – 100%
– no death limit
– no aliens
– no rob delay, no probe delay, no ship delay
– 3 second photons, multi-fire ON, fed photons ON
– 100k starting colos, 10k/day regen
– 100 traders/fed sector
– 0% cloak fail
– 80% port density, 90% initial
– 40% planet density, 2000 ships
– 50% rob factor, 70% steal factor, 100% planet trade
– mostly stock, with a few gold edits
… improved battleship – 40k figs, 10k wave, Transwarp, 2 photons
… interdictor cruiser can land.
… improved earth class – 3:1 equip, 2:1 figs (6:1 final fig ratio), max 300k products, max 300k colonists per product.
– Extern at Terra is at 12:30am Pacific – 3:30am Eastern.

If you intend to play, please send the names and email addresses of your corp of up to 3 players to: