I have decided that I will make many of my combat scripts available in
a CK Combat Script Pack. Purchase of a license will be required. I’ll
be posting more details on my website, https://tavern.homeip.net in the
next few days.

There are many reasons for the licensing requirement.

1. It puts a little money in my pocket to BEGIN to compensate me for
all of the hours I’ve spent making my scripts as good as they are. I’m
not going to get rich, but I might get enough back to pay for my
dedicated TWGS server, which would be a very pleasant outcome.

2. It limits the usage of these high powered scripts only to those who
are interested enough to put their money where their mouth is.

3. It encourages Registration of TWX Proxy. My combat script pack will
only work for Registered TWX users.

4. It will encourage me to continue writing TWX scripts for the public.
This includes both free scripts (like my SDT script that over 60 people
are now using) and licensed scripts.

Initially, the CK Combat Script Pack will include:

A Pdrop script with a variety of options.
A Super Photon script with a variety of options.
A Ship Cap script, which works extremely well, but has limited options
that will probably be expanded in the coming weeks.
A Lawnmow script to clear sector figs very quickly.
A Sector Surround script to prevent your enemy’s pod from fleeing
…and a few other utlity type scripts that the combat scripts need.