BOTE Update [12/04 @ 8:45am ct ] – A 2 week update

  • 11/17 – Timborulz podded and killed Kendrake.
  • 11/18 – slow other than Menudo blowing  his corpie Zentock’s own unmanned colt.
  • 11/19 – Server went down for a little while.  Star Endeavors blow some ports.
  • 11/20 – Star Endeavors taunt by naming a port “Sign up now for BOTE 2002 at Chicken Coop”. 
  • 11/21 – Hollywood busts planets. 
  • 11/22 – Hekate busts planets.
  • 11/23 – Slow. Only action not in the logs I don’t know about.
  • 11/24 – Slow. Yawn.
  • 11/25 – Gravedigr agrees it is boring as well. Dr. Bad told him to go attack something then. Timborulz blasts a crapload more ports. Some valiant ports fought back but was still blown up.  Kemper3 forgot to wear his seat belt and exchanges his ISS for a pod as a result.
  • 11/26 – Kemper3 moths twice in IC. Timborulz continues his vandalism of the starports.
  • 11/27 – Kemper3 becomes a repeat offender by once again forgetting to buckle up his seat belt in his ISS. He got a new pod as a result. This was the day Timborulz’s P-drop script killed me 🙂 Timborulz blows more ports.
  • 11/28 – Timborulz robs an ISS from Fament. Timborulz the Port Vandal goes to work again. Port construction will become a booming business once the hazard clears.
  • 11/29 – Swamp Lily’s ISS was blown up by a Q-gun. Think it was a p-drop.
  • 11/30 – Cherokee attacks some ports. The ports fight back but ends up blown up anyways. Freejack unsuccessfully makes a planet invasion attempt. Timborulz blew up an unmanned havoc owned by Fament and took some corbo reaction in the process.
  • 12/01 – Coastgames invade Corp 8 (Mission Nighthawk) and eliminate Nazwes Chaiwind, officially denying Naz a chance at a repeat for BOTE champs. Timborulz continues to vandalize the ports.
  • 12/02 – seems Sunday got skipped in the logs.
  • 12/03 – Timborulz hits Fament and robs a few refurbs. Cherokee blows up yet more ports. Won’t be long before the game has none :). Auntie B’s ISS was hit by a Q-gun and Timborulz gets the pod. Horny Toad’s CFS blows up in the path of a Q-gun. Massive photons launched in another invasion by Star Endeavors, resulting in more ports blown and a planet taken. Renato blows up an ISS owned by Corp 13 and took a corbo hit.
  • -Current Stats for 09:44:06 AM Wed Dec 04, 2013 -=-=-=-

    2,743 ports are open for business and have a net worth of 179,742,599.
    800 planets exist in the universe, 25% have Citadels.
    27 Traders (62% Good) are active in the game.
    20,816,745 Fighters and 36,603 Mines are in use throughout the Universe.
    7 Corporations are in business. Remaining corps: Star Endeavors, Coast Games, Fament, Terra, Frogland, Risky Business, & Stardock BBS.  

  • I’m parking in a sector just off fed so don’t kill me. 

BOTE Update [11/17 @ 8:45am ct ] – Highlights of the last week

  • 11/11 – After Tweety’s ISS was hit by a Q-gun, he recovered to eliminate Xanos by podding Xano’s havoc and then Xano’s pod ran into Q-guns.
  • 11/12 – Tweety podded Bad Command’s CFS and Bad Command’s pod hit a Q-gun. Menudo’s colt hit a nav haz and blew up. Tweety mothed in an IDC. Timborulz pods Tweety’s IDC and gets the pod. Timborulz posted this universal announcement: Tweety, that was for my buddy Cherokee.
  • 11/13 – Timborulz went on a port destruction spree then either was planet dropped or mothed as his ISS was hit by a Q-gun. Star Endeavors hit the Stardock BBS, capping a few ships and some planets.
  • 11/14 – Cherokee hit Bad Command with a p-torp, making Bad Command CBY.  Freejack blew serveral ports and capped a colt from Coastgames.
  • 11/15 – Timborulz posted this universal announcement: Come on Corp 10, don’t be a wuss and run from your own sector!!!!
    G-dawg DESTROYED Bad Command or Filename’s Scout Marauder!
    Hekate posted this universal announcement: 5 down 1 to go
    Timborulz launched a Photon Missile somewhere!
    Timborulz posted this universal announcement: I guess Kemper is just afraid to fight a good old fashion ship-to-ship fight, what has this game come too?? Buncha girls!
    Gravedigr posted this universal announcement:
    Buncha Girls?! Where? Dam..stop those false alarms..i dont see any girls.
    Timborulz posted this universal announcement:
  • 11/16 – Timborulz podded Hollywood’s CFS. Timborulz posted this universal announcement: Is that 3 deaths for Hollywood now?
    Gravedigr posted this universal announcement: Corp 13 sure has gotten a bit cocky lately..heh.
    Cherokee posted this universal announcement: a little cocky? maybe. the question is, is it justified?
    Gravedigr posted this universal announcement: Win the game..then you can be as cocky as you wish.
    Timborulz posted this universal announcement: If anyone wants to get revenge from my lively remarks, I recommend parking your ships on our figs and just sitting there! <grin>
  • 11/17 – Game stats: This game has been running for 98 days. 2,952 ports are open for business and have a net worth of 155,082,132. 768 planets exist in the universe, 21% have Citadels. 30 Traders (56% Good) are active in the game. 19,491,145 Fighters and 37,352 Mines are in use throughout the Universe. 9 Corporations are in business.

BOTE Update [11/11 @ 8:45am ct ]- Highlights of the last few weeks.

  • 10/27 – Auntie B ran her colt into nav haz
  • 10/28 – Timberrulz continued to be busy blowing ports.
  • 10/29 – Illusion and Kemper3 were unsuccessful in invading a couple planets. Illusion was podded by Q-guns.
  • 10/30 – Hekate tried to B-warp a colt and forgot to put on her seat belt. Kemper3 was able to invade two other planets, but was podded in an attempted invasion of another planet. Syntax Error was p-torped and CBY’ed.
  • 10/31 – Happy Halloween. Kemper3, wearing a “Barney the Dinosaur” costume for Halloween, invaded  a volcanic planet.
  • 11/01 – Tweety’s colt is hit by a Q-gun.
  • 11/02 – Sytanx Error’s scout is blasted by a Q-gun.
  • 11/03 – Tweety attacked team Fen and blew up a corbo laden unmanned CFS owned by Team Fen. Freejack also forgot to wear a seat belt in b-warping a colt.
  • 11/04 – Horny toad robbed an ISS from Coastgames team. Xanos finds an abandoned iggy.
  • 11/05 – Freejack robbed a colt from corp 2. 
  • 11/06 – Gravedigr posted this universal announcement: Would you all hurry up and die!
    Gravedigr posted this universal announcement: Please.
    Dr Bad posted this universal announcement: I don’t know how. Please demonstrate.
    Massive photon war erupted between serveral teams. Tweety’s ISS was blown up by Q-guns and the pod got hit by mines.
    macahan posted this universal announcement: See Tweety know how to die with grace!! Now you know how to do it.
    Gravedigr posted this universal announcement: Ok..thanks tweety…
  • 11/07 – Master Time ran his colt into nav haz.
  • 11/08 – Quiet day. Cherokee got bored and posted this universal announcement:
    just so there’s SOMETHING in the logs…. PPhhhhhfffffftttttt
  • 11/10 – Freejack and Ryukin invaded a planet with Freejack losing a life and Ryukin capping the planet. Tweety ran his battleship into a Q-gun.
  • Tweety’s Imperial StarShip was destroyed by a Quasar Cannon!
    Kemper3’s Interdictor Cruiser was destroyed by a Quasar Cannon!
    Dr Bad posted this universal announcement:
    The race for max pods is neck and neck… who can win? Gdawg? Tweety? Kemper?

Seems 11/09 got skipped in the logs or nothing ran that day.

BOTE Update [10/27 @ 6:35am CDT] – Highlights of the past week followed by a summary of Moe’s elimination from BOTE.

10/21 – Timborulz podded Moe and Moe tried to get Timborulz but Timborulz was not in his ship when it got destroyed by Moe.

10/23 – Timborulz podded and killed Abort,Retry,Fail. Auntie B ran her colt into nav haz.

10/24 – G-Dawg’s ISS is hit by a Q-gun.

10-25 Wierd. Only one line in the 10/25 logs not including port construction and planet smashes and that was Sytnax Error blowing a planet. I’ve seen quiet days, but that is quiet all right.

10/26 – Timborulz podded and killed Moe, eliminating Moe from the game.  Talon eats some corbo in a havoc. Details on both incidents below, the first from Timborulz and the second from Cherokee.

Timborulz’s account:

FEN Corp 3 had Moe get eliminated today, here’s the scoop:

Much unseen to the daily logs or posted on the BOTE News page, there’s has been a fierce daily open space war ongoing for weeks between Corp 3 (FEN) and Corp 13 (Chicken Coop). These daily upgraded port territory wars involved Xanos, Moe, Cherokee, Timborulz, Freejack and others. 

Today, another chapter in this war has closed – Moe got eliminated. A very patient and persistent Timborulz caught Moe at some sector figs and dropped a L6 H over his ISS. Moe was then at the sector prompt with an angry Timbo and a planet set to kill. Moe preceeded to attack one more round of the sector figs and then got blasted by a Chicken Coop quasar cannon. His pod fled to the next sector which happened to have enough naz haz to smash Moe’s exposed Pod. So that’s it, Moe is now eliminated. Timbo had only a few days ago delivered Moe’s 4th death in ship-to-ship combat by Timborulz.
Moe is the first FEN corpie to be eliminated and was the most active Blue on FEN’s corp. Moe was a formidable opponent and we all hope the afterlife serves him well.


Cherokee’s account:

Corp 13, Star Endeavors (Chicken Coop) had some moderate success against corp 3, FEN Cloud 09 today.

Early this morning, Moe (3) tried to take a sector from 13, but got Pdropped by Timbo. Unfortunately for Moe, his pod flew into a bunch of NavHaz that his own corp created. Moe is now ELIMINATED from the game.

Later, Cherokee (13) and Freejack (13) were taking over sectors from several corps, when they came across a sector with a single corp 3 fig and an unshielded L. Suspecting a trap, Cherokee fired a photon in the sector before entering. The planetary scan of the L proved his suspicions correct. It was a level 4. A split second after the planet scan, a corp 3 H warped into the sector. Cherokee xported out of his ISS. Talon emerged from the H
and started whacking the unoccupied ISS with his Havoc. Cherokee fired a photon at him, then left the area. Talon attacked the ISS again, but proved beyond a doubt that a Havoc can’t take 30k damage. Talon got death number 3 from a corbomite sandwich.


BOTE Update [10/21 @  7am CDT] – A follow up to Gravedigr’s invasion  and Lancelot’s death reported earlier. Then highlights from the last 4 days followes after Gravdigr’s account.

First Gravedigr had this to say about the planet he took,  the IC Fament took from his corp, and Lancelot’s death:

oh ya, the IC was left at the sector we took the planet in, it was limpeted and me and g were both low on turns, and decided to just leave it there, to attract them and make them waste turns on a dead sector.

lance’s pod was dropped off in space cuz he hasnt showed for about 3 weeks, and barely ran his turns ever since the 1st 1-2 weeks. So we dumped him off, and blew the port.

Now for action highlights covering the last 4 days:

  • 10/17, both Talon and Horny Toad were hit by Q-guns, Talon in a havoc and Horny Toad in a frigate.
  • 10/18 – Dr. Bad podded and killed Sir Hop-a-Lot. Guess Sir Hop-a-Lot is now Sir Hop-a-Not. 🙂 Dr. Bad had to re-apply for commish after the kill since both combatants were blue.
  • 10/19 – Quiet day. Cherokee fired a few p-torps and Timborulz either planet busted or trying to make a planet.
  • Yesterday and today were quiet as well outside of Menudo’s planet busts. 
  • Game has run for 71 days with 9 corps and 42 players active. CLV shows of the 42 players as of 7:15 am CDT, only 4 are #SD#, and I believe they are eliminated too. So really, 38 players active.

BOTE Update [10/17 @  12pm CDT] – Highlights of the last week include:

  • the demise of Sir Lancelot at the hands of djcosmic
  • several more ports go under construction
  • Renato’s colt hit nav haz on the 15th.
  • plenty of unstable planetary masses yesterday but no collisions other than the junk ones in fedspace.
  • Gravdigr took a planet yesterday – details later.
  • Moe robbed an IC from Colonists of Terra today.

BOTE Update [10/11 @  2:15pm CDT] – Timborulz gave me some nice info on recent events. Cherokee and Talon also gave me news as well, but Timborulz’s was the most detailed, so here it is.

10/6 The Chicken Coop (Corp 13) took over most of the largest bubble in the game with upgraded ports that were owned by Coastgames (Corp 10). This was a ruthless attack by Chicken Coop to battle past several planet drops and a very angry Dr. Bad.  Chicken Coop ran over 8 upgrade ports by Coastgames and both corps stared at each others planets in the same sector several times.  Then, Chicken Coop was cut short when Cherokee got taken out by a quasar cannon by Coastgames.
Chicken Coop then deployed hundreds of thousands of sector figs in bubble sectors they took while Coastgames still controlled a few sectors in the back of the bubble.

10/6 Ryukin’s Colt went for a ride in open space and photon’d by Corp 2 (3 photons fired by corp 2 no less).  Timborulz flew in a planet for Ryukin and the rescue mission was successful.  Corp 2 must have not been at the keys.

10/8 FEN BBS goes down and Dr. Bad (Coastgames) retakes the sectors in he largest bubble that Corp 10 had lost previously.  Dr. Bad was waiting for something like this when  all of Corp 13 to got dumped from downed BBS. Timborulz was not please with this offline cowardice, but understands the need for Corp 10 to reclaim their territory.

10/8 Timborulz photon’d Talon,  Talon’s then landed on a corp 3 L that showed up him, Timborulz then ran a maxed IC into Talon’s sector and dropped a fig, Corp 13 H showed up in the sector, and then Corp 13 proceeded taunt corp 3 to lift off, but no corp 3 trader ever left their planet.  The Corp 3 L then disappeared.

10/8 Moe continues to eating photons from the Chicken Coop photon buffet.  Each time a Corp 3 planet (usually an H) shows up to give Moe a ride.  Moe (fed unsafe for the day) then sat in sector 1 and took major damage from Cherokee’s ISS.  Moe docked at Sol then ran with what was left of his burning ISS.   In the process, Cherokee turned max red while still in his ISS in the process, but Captain Z must have been on a donut break.

10/8-10/9 The war over the largest bubble continues with Corp 3 then Corp 21 getting involved.  D-wang blows up several ports, but the war there looks far from over.  Look for more action their in the future.  Several other corps had previously been through this hotspot over the duration of the game.

10/10 Chicken Coop, not so Chicken like, completed the largest invasion in the BOTE to date.  Initially Zentock was online from Corp 6 but then Renato and Erycs showed up.   Chicken Coop had Timborulz, Cherokee, Freejack, and Master Time online doing the battle for Corp 13.  Corp 6’s gate had multiple H’s and L’s of the L6 persuasion.  Several maxed IC’s flew into the gate in both directions during the course of invasion.  Photons where flying around from both Corps.  This was a time where multiple experienced players kicked
into invasion mode and overtook the opposition.  Renato bravely tried to stop the invasion, but lacked excess resources and the support of multiple experience players.
Bandito was found in the bubble and eliminated from the game, his pod was caught by a net of figs and destroyed by Timborulz.  Renato, angry from the intrusion, fired photon missiles and then retook one sector with his IC. Then he got double p-dropped, quasared, attacked by Timborulz’s ISS, and quasared again into a pod.  Timborulz followed by photoning his pod.
However, Corp 6 L6’s blocked any immediate means of getting to Renato’s pod. A full scale planet invasion was necessary to even attempt to go after Renato’s pod, and that gave him enough time to a tow out.
Once Chicken Coop , had complete control of the sector, and the planet invasion went into full force.  MASSIVE amounts of figs were used to take out some very powerful Corp 6 planets.  The planetary defenses Corp 6 had were questionable at best, apparently modified from Renato’s last settings.  Cherokee, took one death and lost one IC in the process, but in the end that was the only causality taken by Corp 13.  Corp 6 lost their entire base there and their best red was eliminated.


BOTE update [10/09] @ 9am CDT] – BOTE updates for 10/4 to 10/09

10/04 – G-Dawg and Moe exchanged ISS’es.  Moe finally got ownership.

10/05 – Slow day. 

10/06 – Cherokee’s ISS hit a Q-gun and pod ran into nav haz. 

10/07 – Slow other than moneymaking and cashing. Cherokee named his scout on re-entry “Won’t make that mistake again” . Grins. Guess the man learned his lesson.

10/08 – Chicken Coop team got into a massive photon war with various foes.

10/09 – 8 sectors overloaded with planets. Only one collision. No injuries reported. Chicken Coop resumed the photon war.

BOTE update [10/04] @ 7:15pm CDT] –  August and September BOTE News has been above. On to the news starting with Oct 1.

Oct 1 – Timbolrulz (no relation to me<G>) took out a few ports, but the day had otherwise been quiet

Oct 2

  1. A few ports under construction opened for business today.
  2. Kemper took an O from someone, shields and all.
  3. Dr. Bad robbed a colt from Corp 6,
  4. Timborulz continued to defy Federal authorities by taking out more ports. Says Captain Zyrain, ” I catch this turd blowing ports under my watch, I’ll arrest him and throw away the key”. Team Fen owned the ports, I believe.

Oct 3

  1. Cherokee and G-Dawg both blew a port, putting them on Captain’s Z anti-vandalism list. 🙂
  2. Guardian is murdered on Stardock. Captain Zyrain promised to find his killer, named Res Judicata as the #1 suspect 🙂
  3. Illusion ran his colt into nav haz. Guess he though the nav haz was an illusion 🙂

Oct 4

  1. More ports open for business. Wal-mart better look out 🙂
  2. Lots of unstable planetary mass, but only one collision, which were junk planets I believe.
  3. Gravedigr gets bored. Wanted some furbs blown at least. Menudo entertained him with several MF’s destroyed.
  4. Sir Lancelot returned to the game..very hurt no one missed him while he was gone..awwww. 🙂
  5. Gravedigr suggested a name change of his corp name of Terra to Corp Whiners  In Hekate’s case, an excellent choice for a name. 🙂

I realize coverage is not as in depth as some people wanted, but have not gotten behind the scenes news outside of a few e-mails from Cherokee and Talon. Please let me know what is going on behind the scenes that leads to the action shown in the logs. Thanks.