as posted by Col Sanders, Silver Dragon, and Mana Knight in that order followed by one from yours truly:

  • Chicken Coop gets new domain as announced by Col Sanders.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is my pleasure to announce, the new location of the Chicken Coop BBS and TWGS, and the Chicken Coop web page on the domain,!!! Thats right, if your DNS has updated, as I believe most have now, you can telnet:// to access the Chicken Coop BBS, and  to view the Chicken Coop web page!

    To celebrate, I am prepared to announce a new type of game, opening January 4th, 2002, and running until February 8th, 2002. This game, I call, Battleship! This new game will be based loosely on TWChess of fame. This new game, will start in much the same way, team starts on a nice planet, tries to conquer the universe in the allotted time. The edits will be based on my Battleship! game, which I ran recently, and had a few players look at. The edits are WACKED! You think TWChess has wacked edits? You ain’t seen nothing yet! This game will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged. It will make you flex regions of your brain you have never flexed! It will make your team work together as you have never imagined!

    A taste of some of the edits involved:
    Huge! 20,000 sector universe!
    NO TWARP drives!
    Only 2 ships with HOLO-SCANNERS!

    I will of course post again about this game once I have a web page added to  detailing the WACKED edits! Also, will have a registration form on the website. In the meantime, the game will be limited to 6 corps, 4 minimum. 5 people per corp! (no more, no less). So start planning now!

    -Col Sanders
    The Chicken Coop BBS and TWGS, we don’t create new things, we make new things BETTER! (yes, I stole that from 3M)

  • Silver Dragon to open Player’s Creation Game as announced by SD himself:

    Players Creation will be Planet TWs first display of its player  showcasing. Send me a ship edit you want in the game. Please be very  specific include a killer name. This was an idea run on stardock.  Hellcat asked me to run it so here it is. This game will keep very  detailed stats and the action covered on the Planet TW web page. I am
    gonna look to start this game December 13th which is a thursday at  9pm eastern time. Check out the edits on the game settings page on  planet TW. So send me them ship edits every one will be put in the  game. And get ready for a fun game YOU created.
    Silver Dragon
    Planet TW… The Tradewars Home World

  • Mana Knight explains about as posted by MK himself-

    Some of you may have been wondering what’s up with  I haven’t abadoned it.  It more or less abandoned me.

    I say this because I came into my room about 3 weeks ago and for some reason it smelled like Febreeze.  However, after realizing this smell was coming from my
    computer case, I realized it wasn’t febreeze but MELTED PLASTIC.  Thus, the computer I use to update decided to permanently melt it’s motherboard.

    This set me way back in school since I needed that computer.  I have a temporary one that lets me get my work done, but I only got that like a week ago.  This has only
    been agitated by someone in my group NOT DOING THEIR FUCKING WORK for the project.  This leaves me with taking up the slack for the time being.  Oh yea, finals are next week. crap.

    Just a heads up on what’s going on. Sorrry about the french, but I need someone to take this out on and Soul isn’t around anymore.

    Joel “ARGHHHHHHHHH” Gonzales

  • And my own announcement is this: Mephisto server will be dropped from Fament very soon, maybe today.  Equalizer will be the only game moved and rebanged on the Diablo server at a date TBA. The rest of the games will be dropped from Mephisto as Diablo already has stock games of which Mephisto had two and I do not want to have to rebang the Hunt game weekly with the BOTE in progress.

    The reason for this is the duct tape on the Diablo Server while Mephisto does not have one, frustrating many players on Mephisto. An announcement regarding the Pigskin Classic will be made very soon, hopefully by the end of the day.

    Today, I’m having serious internet problems with great difficulty in maintaining a connection. So if I’m unable to get to BOTE updates later, you know why.

    Can’t wait until I get cable in January.

  • I’m also slated to open my star wars themed game that was so popular when I had it at Intergate and will announce the date soon.