Space Ghost has announced the following:the HHT is OVER! Corp 2 : (__|__) Diplomacy Sucks (__|__)

Has won the game hands down.

Congratulations to this corp they did very well to test out all aspects of the edits and
To hunt,kill,destroy thier enemy.

The members are as listed
Alpha Xide
Beta Grim Reaper
Theta Nazwes Chaiwind
Psi Gravedigger
Gama Speedy
Zeta Bud

Gravdigr posted a statement about his team:

Ok guys and gals.

I first would like to thank space ghost for the time and effort to
create and maintain the hht. I loved the edits and think he did
a great job. Except for that period of lag which was out of
sg’s control, the server ran great. So thank you for an awesome

Also, I want to thank Guardian and BG for updating the death list
very frequently and keeping up to date and fixing death mistakes
in a timely fashion.

Now for a short shout out wtc style for my corpies:

This guy can kick some serious ass. I am sure most players were elated that he had to leave to take care of some r/l problems (or not if you wanted to get even), but in the first few days he nearly single-handedly annihilated several corps and put most corps severely behind us in assets. The dude can kill/cap/or pod you on demand. Would hate to be on the other side against him.

The speedster was a bit disappointed he had to play RED the 1st day, but do to my unexpected surge in alignment after a kill he was forced to do just that, and made my evil blood proud. He then proceeded to go blue and colo flawlessly like there was no tomorrow. Speedy is the Smurf King. 🙂

Bud decided to lay low this game and take care of our planets which were our saving assets. He tirelessly upgraded, transferred, and farmed our golden prizes that were producing several 100 thousand figs a day. He could also easily switch to kill/grid whenever we needed. It was nice to have a player of this caliber taking care of whatever was needed.

Naz the awesome strategist and edit explorer. He would enhance/ create or adjust a plan of action in an instant, always making things better and improving the flow of the team and game. He was a big part of the day 1 blockade/as well as the vicious grid/any invasion
that took place/and was immediately on anyone who tried to break the aforementioned grid(which included sectors 11-4999 in the last days).

He is just an awesome all around player. Can kill as good as anyone and better than most(i can only think of one person that may be even with him as far as killing). He knows the correct action before you can even ask the question. I don’t think i could say enough about him. In my opinion, he is the best single player out there right now. Period.

I would also like to give props to Corp 10 for sticking it out and fighting it out with us to the end. Although, I truly believe we still would have won even if not for the early extern, i think it would have lasted a bit longer if they didn’t get hit hard from that. They
were stiff competition to the end. I am always fearful of a corp with Prestone on it, and one with tweety and res too, i thought they were gonna be a bitch to get rid of, but thanks to tweety dropping off his meds, we will never know how much of a bitch it woulda been. 🙂

Ok, enough of my ramblings.
Thanks again Space Ghost.
Peace out.
(now i just need to pull out bote, and win uso…heh)