Silver Wings update [10/19] – Posted by Tripp on the silver wings website:

Just when you thought the arguement was going to heat up, it comes to a happy ending. Incase you haven’t been following along in the TradeWarriors EGroup, Hell Razor/Soul and Stonewall have kissed and made up. I guess that means that all the excitement in the TradeWarriors EGroup is now over and we can get back to our normal lives. Or can we?

And from that kissing and making up, i hear HellRazor is pregnant and Stonewall’s the daddy..or is he really the father????? Stay tuned for the latest episode of the “Days of Our Silver Wings”

Days of Our Silver Wings Part II [10/20] – HellRazor has his baby. A DNA test was performed and the father is revealed to be Big D!! Stonewall, who we thought was the father, is so distraught, he drinks a whole bottle of vodka and then takes his car and wraps it around a tree and is now in a coma.Meanwhile, HellRazor develops a mystery disease shortly after his baby’s birth. The disease seems to cause HellRazor to make long winded posts on egroups without any pause breaks in it..not even a period.

Next episode of “Days of Our Silver Wings” – Will Stonewall snap out of his coma? will HellRazor find a cure for his disease? Will Big D accept responsibility of his baby? Stay tuned.

DAYS OF OUR SILVER WINGS PART III [10/21] – Stonewall snaps out of his coma and recovers with no ill effects. Hell Razor’s disease gets much worse as his words not only get long and winded but also nonsensical. AND Big D is found murdered in his home!!! Cops arrest Stonewall and charge him with first degree murder of Big D. Stonewall makes his one phone call to his lawyer, a hi-powered well known attorney.

Tommorrow on Days of Our Silver Wings Part IV: Who is Stonewall’s lawyer? Will HellRazor’s disease continue to get worse? stay tuned!!

DAYS OF OUR SILVER WINGS PART IV [10/22] – The murder trial begins. Stonewall’s lawyer is none other than Eleqtrizi’T. Aitvo is the Prosecuting Attorney. Dark Helmet is the judge. HellRazor comes in the courtroom and makes some rude remarks about Aitvo and Aitvo motions for HellRazor to be banned from the courtroom and Judge Helmet grants the motion and Hellrazor is led away from the courtroom. Hellrazor’s mystery disease is getting worse as not only his words are long winded and nonsensical, but he is also babbling like a baby.

Pretrial arguements starts. Aitvo makes his statements on why Stonewall should be found guilty then sits down. Eleq then gets up to do his arguement. He simply walks to the jury box, flexes his muscles, thumps his chest, and tells the jury “I am God” and then sits down. Aitvo and the rest of the courtroom rolls their eyes.

The trial proceeds. Aitvo presents his case saying Stonewall’s motive to kill Big D was that Big D got Stonewall’s lover HellRazor pregnant and that made Stoney upset..a few witnesses explain that’s is exactly what happened. Then Aitvo rests his case, satisfied he has done his job. Just before Eleq is ready to present his case, Retaliator, his best friend and private detective, bursts in the courtroom and hands Eleq a note. Eleq then stands up and asks for a recess to prepare for a surprise witness.

Tommorow on DAYS OF OUR SILVER WINGS PART V, who is Eleq’s surprise witness? Will HellRazor ever find a cure for his mystery disease? Will Stonewall be found guilty or innocent of the murder charges? Stay tuned!

DAYS OF OUR SILVER WINGS The Conclusion- [10/23 – Mystery witness is revealed! The mystery witness is a guy named Tripp. Eleq puts him on the stand, asks him a few questions and when Tripp begin to sidestep some questions, Eleq then tells the court Tripp is now a hostile witness and then grills him like a porterhouse steak. Under the intense grilling, Tripp breaks down crying and admits that he did indeed kill Big D. He explains he was madly in love with Hell Razor and needed both Stonewall and Big D out of the picture. Tripp figured by killing Big D and putting the blame on Stonewall, he’d have HellRazor to himself. But the plan didnt work, he admits.Eleq then motions to dismiss the trial and Judge Helmet agrees and Stonewall is set free. Judge Helmet orders the bailiffs to arrest Tripp and take him to the county jail. The bailiffs, Bad Girl and Guardian, handcuff Tripp and leads him to jail. Guardian throws Tripp into a cell and Bad Girl then gives Tripp a bowl of grits to eat, then they lock up the cell and hear Tripp scream “Noooo!!! Not Grits!!!!”

The scream fades as Bad Girl and Guardian come to the end of the cellblock and they see one empty cell and no one around. They look at each other with a wicked smile and proceed to start making out in the cell. Guardian then says “Since I’m now a league board member, you must now submit to me, Bad Girl” and he whips out his handcuffs and smiles wickedly at Bad Girl and the scene fades to black.

Meanwhile, HellRazor’s disease worsens and he becomes insane and is committed to a mental institution for the rest of his life.

Stonewall enjoys his newfound freedom and uses the opportunity to open a Trade Wars game server called the Deep South. It becomes a popular hangout.

Eleq, Aitvo, and Dark Helmet decide to quit law and go to Las Vegas for some kind of a convention……..

[editor’s note: if you would like to see a spin off of this satire, e-mail me and i’ll see about getting one started later in the week. <G> Thanks for reading]