HHT is coming soon, BOTE is over, and there’s been a new baby by a former sysop of the TW community. Get a coffee, sit back, and read on.

  • BOTE is over – Hardcoded wins in 47 days- Team Hardcoded won the BOTE in 47 days. 47 days??? When you consider this is the BOTE, a tournament with marathon games the last two years, 47 days is a blink of an eye. I believe only the first HHT was a faster tournament with the Black Knights destroying the entire field in about 34 days or so. And I’m not counting that US-FiascO a few years ago in which Eleq’s team won in 30 days on his own server in which the game op called the game despite protests from Kavanagh and his team.

    From what I heard about Team Hardcoded, they showed fine team effort and worked well together. They got kudos from the rest of the field on their play. Silver Dragon commended Macahan for hosting the game on a fine server. Silver Dragon relucantly agreed to host the BOTE next year. I was kinda disappointed about this as the BOTE at Fament was starting to become a tradition. But I also know the prize of the BOTE was the winning server to host it themselves, so I could not blame Silver Dragon wanting to host the BOTE 2003. He did a fine job with the USO ’02 from what I heard so he’ll do just as well with BOTE ’03. Silver Dragon’s full BOTE statement can be found here.

    Full BOTE news and info can be found at the official BOTE 2002 site at https://tradewars.fament.com/bote2002/ .

  • HHT announced on Friday the 13th! – What better day for Space Ghost to announce the Haunted Halloween Tournament than Friday the 13th! You can read more details about the HHT at The Boo Inc. website. One major thing has changed which is corp size. You will have to bring a team of 5 to the tournament. Kemper was upset about this, but you gotta do what you gotta do to drop someone from the team of 6. Knowing Space Ghost, who is usually very innovative with his edits, I expect this year’s HHT to be one heck of a boo-tiful experience anyone will have in a tournament 🙂
  • Aitvo has a girl! Born Sept 12th!- Congrats go out to Aitvo AKA Andrew Wyatt for having a baby girl born Sept 12. The proud papa announced she weighed 7’4″ and was 19″ long. Congratulations, Aitvo!