Welcome to the newly redesigned Trade Wars Gazette. The redesign not only includes this new look, but also the format of the site. This website is all about information, not looks, so I decided to go with this basic design. Perhaps I’ll change my mind in the near future. But for now, this is the direction I want to go. Also, I’m making an attempt to pretty much code this website by hand, using an HTML editor to do what I cannot figure out by hand and simply copy the code from that into this site. I will also copy parts of the code from the old TW Gazette to save me a little bit of time into getting this site back online. This will do two things. One, it will help me know HTML better and two, I won’t have to deal with the extra coding crap left by editors like Microsoft Frontpage. 😀

Two things are eliminated. I have decided to 86 the ZOC scripts as there are much better script writers out there than I am such as the Reverend or SupG to name a few. The second thing eliminated is the archives. Old news are just that – old news. I do keep my archives on file so if anyone wants a news event looked up from the past, I can see if I wrote about it and send it to them. Perhaps in the near future, I’ll put up the most requested articles.

You will also find the side content table containing the links, affiliates, servers, and tournaments to be gone. I’ll have all the links,servers, forums, helpers and tournaments all on the Links page. This will allow me to only update the links only on one page instead of several pages.

Read on for news such as the upcoming Haunted Halloween Tournament, the conclusion of BOTE 2002 and many other recent events. Feel free to e-mail me your comments on this new look site.