Every Tuesday, I’ll be doing editorials with my opinions covering a variety of subjects, whether it is Trade Wars related or not. Today’s topic is the departures of many long time TW players such as EleqTrizi’T, Cruncher, Bad Girl, Guardian, and Hekate. Let’s start with EleqTrizi’T. This man was a legend in the TW community and is still a legend. He provided a kick ass game server along with an awesome website. Eleq was never satisfied with his machines hosting the TWGS, always upgrading them so that it provides fast and reliable connections for his players. Let me tell ya, I have heard very few reports of lag except at maybe tournament time and even then lags were minor. If there was a problem, Eleq was quick to respond.

Eleq also was a very intelligent man and the only thing matching his intelligence was his ego 🙂 Eleq would write all sorts of programs inluding dupe catchers as well as an entire BBS and teleconference chat and many other small programs. Eleq probably is the only man who could match Res Judicata in artistic ability on a computer, though I have to admit Eleq’s images can be sometimes disturbing 🙂 Eleq was also the owner/moderator of the World Trade Wars Championships, the only tournament that had practically no rules – anything goes.

But late last year, Eleq had enough of the pissing and moaning by ungrateful players and shut down the Home Sector and Stardock BBS (both later taken over by Fuseblown) and left the community. Last I heard of Eleq, rumor has it he bought a house and I believe this is the same man who once told Cruncher he would never buy a house. I guess having an ever growing family can change a guy’s mind. My best goes out to Eleq and his growing family and wish them well. I still hold out hope that one day he returns with a vegeance and some new fresh ideas.

Speaking of Cruncher, she is still around, talking to a few select people in the community. She is just not as active as she used to be. She still has her website online that contains photos of many individuals in the TW Community. If you want to update a photo on the site, simply send her an updated photo. Best of luck to Cruncher..especially when tax time rolls around 🙂

As for Bad Girl and Gaurdian, both left after USO ’02 for the same reasons Eleq did. This page explains the reasons for their departure. Both Bad Girl and Guardian will be missed for one main reason: their work with newbies. They were always willing to let a newbie play with them and show them the ropes. Best of luck to Bad Girl and Guardian.

And finally, Hekate. I was unable to find out why she left. If anyone knows, contact me. For the time being, Liquid Chaos has the twlinks site and is currently waiting to get a hold of Hekate for DNS transfer so he can put it on a new server. Best of luck to Hekate.

To sum it up, I want to commend the community for stepping up and taking over many of the responsibilities of the individuals I mentioned above. Fuseblown runs the Home Sector website and TWGS. Rave is working on the Beta team in Cruncher’s place. Silver Dragon now owns the USO and should do a very good job of it from what I heard of how he hosted USO ’02. And Liquid Chaos has taken over TW Links site. As the saying goes, the show must go on.