With the exception of Liquid Chaos leaving TW and handing over Planet TW to Silver Dragon, the 3 rebangs at Home Sector, and Col. Sanders making an (_|_) of himself in the forums, news has been slow of late, so I am gonna concentrate over the next couple days to getting my other websites online reflecting my interests in bowling, pro wrestling, and when I get a digital camera, nature photography. I may also put up a personal site. I have 30MB available to me here at Fament Webhosting Service so I might as well make use of all my space. Fament is pretty cool. Check out the link I gave you if you are looking for a web host. Now let’s get on with the news in the TW Biz. Liquid Chaos has left TW and handed over Planet TW to Silver Dragon and is working to get TW Links back online before he leaves. This link is LC’s statement.

If Epicenter is known as the King of Smack, then Col. Sanders should be known as the Peasant of Smack. Take a look at this message as an example and you can see what I mean. Wait until the HHT begins. I think Sanders will have nothing but a big fat bullseye on his ass through out the game – if he lasts the whole game 🙂

And finally, Home Sector banged 3 games: One Love, Massive, and Ground Zero. Go to The Home Sector server to play.