The HHT is over. Space Ghost has given the victory to the Rebel Alliance. Esoteric Alliance came in 2nd. And Cloud Nine led by Xanos came in third. Space Ghost has explained the following reason for the controversey surrounding Megahertze’s ability to come back after 5 deaths:

“The Reason for Mega Hertze’s Return after 5 deaths is believed to be the result of going form one version of TWGS to anorther version and then Returningback to the previuos version. The only people who ever had any Access to the game’s tedit was EleQ and Fuse,,,and fuse didnt even know the he could till this happened,…..Server changes happend to this Tourny and for that I’m Sorry…..”

Sometimes these things cant be helped. TWGS is still in beta after all. The bugs always come out at all major games. To top it off, this game was orginally at Eclipse hosted by Intergate with one set of global settings. Then it had to go to the Home Sector/Stardock BBS, whose global settings are completely different. If the file was also sent from one version of the TWGS to another version, it could affect the game as well. I also noticed Eleq upgraded to .43 then downgraded back to .39. All this can really affect one game greatly.

Now I want to respond to a post on the SilverWings website that got me REALLY REALLY mother-f**king pissed off!. Big D posted this comment on the SW website.

“OK. Well that pretty much was the opposite of what another well respected member of the Tradewars community said when he stated that he was almost positive that Timberwolf had tedit access to be able to update the HHT game stats for certain newspages. Anyway, that’s his story and he’s sticking to it. “

Big D, are you IMPLYING that I had something to do with this controversy????????? Fuck no! What reason would I have to do this? What would I possibily gain by this???? I’ll have you know I never got TEDIT access to the HHT since it was moved to the SD BBS. I have asked Eleq a few times for access and finally got a response a few days ago only to find out the admin password was different than the Eclipse Server. The same day SG shut down HHT, Eleq finally gave me access to get past the BBS and into the port to the TWGS adminstration. I then typed my name and the admin password for the HHT I was given when it was at Eclipse/Intergate. I thought Space Ghost gave me a local admin password and it seemed that the admin password wasnt sent with the file and Eleq used a different password so I never got in the TEDIT at the SD BBS TWGS . The HHT was already shut down so I decided then to just forget it and let SG deal with it.

Big D, I take excellent pride in my honesty and reputation for all the games I run and I never..ever..have thought about using the editor..not even help benefit a player or two. And I’m greatly insulted by the comment you posted on the SW website. I demand a public apology in all the Y-groups forums and on your website and also the comment retracted from your website. I also want this “well respected member of the Tradewars community” identified. This player then also should make the apology for EVEN thinking I had something to do with the Megahertze controversy.

Or..there will be HELL to pay. You got my word on that.