The Home Sector officially announces it’s move to the Fusion GS! Sometime in the near future I will be installing a Linux server running the latest Fusion software, running an emulation of MajorBBS! What started out as an innocent question to Aitvo, “Can you get Fusion to work more like MajorBBS?”, has turned into a full-fledged obsession for both of us. In the past week I have joined the Fusion Development Team and have started adding new Fusion modules, the first being a fully-working clone of a MajorBBS teleconference!. There are private rooms, actions, whispers, directed messages, even global pages!

While it is still a work in progress, the feel of a genuine MBBS system has definitely been achieved. Soon we will add Forums and even global paging right into AND OUT OF the TWGS! The best part…65,000+ nodes!

The date of the switch over will be announced soon. Currently running games on the TWGS will be unaffected, but all new games will be banged on a secondary TWGS until all games on the old system can be migrated safely.