I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding the HS’s move to Fusion GS. So here is a FAQ that will hopefully address most of the concerns..

I use different handles in different games, how am I going to continue these with just one BBS handle? – The Home Sector will move to Fusion and run TWO seperate TWGS servers for the first month or so. Current games will be moved to the “old” server, Premier, and be closed to new players, but remain freely accessible until they finish with whatever handle you use. New games will be banged on server Retaliator, and you will log into those using your Fusion handle.

What kind of hardware will the Fusion server be running? For the geeks like me out there, I will be running a dedicated box with an AMD chip of around 700-800MHz. All internal networking will be done with top-quality Intel network cards.

Will the BBS mean we have to start paying? No. My end-user license agreement with my ISP forbids me from running a commercial site. However, I am considering special priviledge to those who have donated.

What are the long term plans? I have really big plans for this server. Since I am now deep into Fusion development and working closely with Fusion founder Aitvo, I have unheard of control of this system. I am no longer just another customer of BBS software, I am the creator! (uh oh here comes the gOD complex again…)

How close is Fusion to really running like a MajorBBS/Worldgroup system? Really damn close. On top of the teleconference pic on the front page, check out this forum picture taken yesterday…