Best Team Player

This award will be given to the player voted as the best Team Player.

This is the player who does everything in his/her power to help out the team, regardless of how the team is faring, or the stage of the game. This person does what is needed of them, without fail, even if it happens to be the most menial task that can be found. This player can be either Red or Blue, and can usually be fairly well adapted at playing either choice. This will be the player that you usually think of teaming up with when it’s time for a fresh game.

People Nominated: 21
Candidate Nominated Votes
Peacemaker 4 4
Guardian 3 6
Jackal 3 9
Lancez 3 5
Wookie 3 2
Others nominated:
Adomma 2
Bad Girl 2
Nazwes Chaiwind 2
Soylent Green 2
Blaze 1
Dietrich 1
Hekate 1
Jewels 1
Mirkath 1
Retaliator 1
Reza 1
Rolodex 1
Space Ghost 1
Stride 1
Zep 1