Terra Award

This award will be given to the person voted as The Planet Farmer.

This is the person who you feel is the best planet “farmer”. This can include creating the correct planet types for use in the game, colonizing the planets, obtaining goods and upgrading planets as needed. This player is will almost always be playing as a blue, and will keep their experience points below 1000, so they can park safely in Fed Space.

People Nominated: 13
Candidate Nominated Votes
Jackal 7 10
Bad Girl 6 8
Kavanagh 6 9
Others nominated:
Rawhead Rex 3
Acid 1
Deitrich 1
Hannibal 1
Jewels 1
Jr. Samples 1
Mirkath 1
Nazwes Chaiwind 1
Shark 1
Zep 1