This award will be given to the person voted as the Most Dedicated to Tradewars.

This is the person who rarely misses a day of playing his/her turns. Normally this person will use almost all of thier turns, on a daily basis, and be considered one of the hardest working people in the game. Will frequently enter the game for purposes of gathering information about the game, as well as study what is going on in the game. This person might go as far as to write scripts for themselves, as well as teammates, or others to use and benefit from. Also, may provide services, and information to others, such as hosting a web site, or forum.

People Nominated: 18
Candidate Nominated Votes
Peacemaker 5 2
Guardian 4 7
Space Ghost 4 10
Hekate 3 4
Others nominated:
Bad Girl 2
Jackal 2
Nazwes Chaiwind 2
Cruncher 1
EleqTrizi’T 1
The Founder 1
Jack Box 1
Jewels 1
Kavanagh 1
Mirkath 1
Soylent Green 1
Wookie 1
Zaq 1
Zep 1