Indeed, the apocalypse has already hit Pirate’s Cove. Dominance Enterprises, (Consisting on myself, Eleq, Retaliator and Maelene) defeated all opposing forces on Pirate’s Cove and blockaded off StarDock, effectively winning the game which took place in about one week. If you REALLY want to know why we won, head over to The Home Sector. Eleq has a conversation that one of our rivals had. (Monitored by yours truly.) It was pretty funny being called a dupe because my ship’s name was “The Merchant Marines.”

Outlaw Resets

The Outlaw banged a new game today. Outlaw’s fourth game offers 10k sectors, 750 turns and modified ships. The Home Sector just put up a review of Outlaw.

Evilcommander goes back online

After a long, long, long, long, long, … wait, has gone back online. My brower’s Java is messed up, so I haven’t been able to see what’s new yet.

v3.09 or TWWU v3.1?

Forget Clinton, here’s a real question you guys should be pondering: What’s going to happen first, Tradewars v3.09’s release, or an overhaul of TWWU’s graphics? Ponder these questions.