TWAR Version G up!

TWAR For Windows version G is now up! If your wondering what happened to F, I didn’t even bother posting it:

“Version F(lop) was a mess so ditch it and install G. Some files were lost and some source files dated wrong when I moved to a new machine. This caused a bad compile and a loss of some code. All is fine now. -Doug”
What’s new in Version G:

Fixed the outgoing messages from Large message window. It was not sending messages immediately as in chat window.

Fixed the Planet Transporter in the Colonizer for MBBS players. It was putting a “M” to initiate the move due to calling the generic MoveToSector() routine.

Added a real-time Status Bar that will display “Cash”, “Turns Left”, “Experience”, “Alignment”, “Profit from the last Trade (Selling – Purchase price)”, and “Time Online”. The status bar follows Office97 type toolbars and can be moved around the screen to the left, right, top, bottom or float. It can be also be enabled or disabled.

Added Gypsy’s Big Dummy’s Guide to Tradewars 2002 for any dummies out there (Kidding) or players who want to brush up on playing strategies. Thanks Gypsy.

Wormhole Logo will now spin when connected to a BBS and stop spinning when offline or a loss of connection.

Fixed a problem in the Blind warp not consistently working all the time.

Fixed a TWarp script bug where both the Twarp protection and the Twarp script were issuing a “Y” to fire TWARP drive. Thanks Jim Conway for his detailed description.

Found an interesting bug where I track the incoming sectors to any given sector (CIM memory Database). Turns out any sector can have 6 outgoing and more than six incoming sectors. This was punching holes in memory and giving “Access violation errors”

On the MBBS send message it now shows the “ME:” info so you have feedback that your message was sent and generates a history of your outgoing Messages.

Found a way to increase TWAR’s performance by changing the way I handle incoming data.

Pir8 Resets Oct 31st, my return to TW.

It’s official, I’m returning to Tradewars for yet one more game. This time, it’ll be on, alongside Retaliator, Eleqtrizi’t, Saluki, and Maelene. You can get a list of the modifications and settings at The Homesector. Just ask the sysop, and he’ll give you 4 hours day FREE for this game! Don’t be afraid to play this game just because we (seem like) we’re good. If there’s ever a game to learn, this is it.

Pure Energy Resets November 1st

Pure Energy BBS will be rebanging it’s game on November 1st. This game will offer 5000 sectors, 3 day port regeneration, and unlimited turns.

More news tommorrow….

Alas, too much news to catch up on after my “vacation” with Metal Gear! More tommorrow!