News may be kinda slow for a while. I’ve been sick since last update, and my dialup to earthlink is getting tons of static. (We had a tropical storm just pass through, giving 3 days of rain.) So I’m using the Workstations which are crashing more than often for now. Add a usual asortment of Papers and projects (I’m suprised I’m not writing this in binary) and I have a couple reasons to be lazy about updating. =) On another note, Old News is ready to be re-opened, but all the files are on my computer! (doh!) It’ll take me a while to get them over to the workstation.

Cruncher Gets more Pics

Our Scapegoa-uh, I mean friend Cruncher has gotten new pictures, including Lord Chaos, Captncaveman, and Kujo. Visit it now, fool!

TWAR Delayed to October

Doug Underwood has made a post concerning why TWAR is not out yet. The Release date is now set for the October 2nd Weekend.

Help for Wildcat Sysops

John Pritchett has made a rather length post to help Wildcat Sysops get Tradewars working on their systems. There have been quite a few people requesting help on this, so you people can thank John. 🙂

Budweiser gets his own BBS

Budweisers’s BBS is now online! (I believe it’s called outlaw) Cost is $5/month for unlimented access. First game is set to rebang on the 22nd. Until then, a temporary game is up with some (heh) interesting settings. Telnet: