As you may have heard, WTC closed down for a few days so that JP could fix the corruption in the game. While he did fix it, I wonder if the game can continue without it happening again. I know at least two people who’s ships have been changing around on them even now. One had a max ISS change to a merchant frighter, a pod, then a maxed havoc.

Also new for the WTC is the latest version of TWGS: Now at v.47. New in this revision are:

– ALL ships in fedspace are now being repossessed at extern (Which makes this obsolete.)
– a 50% chance of a turn being deduced while fleeing. Used to cut down the cash made from SDF.
– Lastly, I think a screenshot is in order:

That’s right! Now you can set if you automatically flee while online! No longer will you have to worry about getting pinged at stardock followed up with a photon. This is easily the best change in a long while.
This revision is only at The Stardock for beta testing at the moment, but will become available soon.