I received this from Andrew “I Loooove Linux! And if you say differently, then I’LL ASSASINATE YOU!” Wyatt about the end of intergate which has been up 1.5 years:

“I am officially retiring from the BBS scene, as it has gotten to the
point where I want to have a life outside of the computer world, and as hard as it is to close the doors I feel that I must. I will continue to develop the fusion software, and hope to remain an active part of the community, perhaps as a part time player of TW instead of a “full time about to have a heart attack because I’m spending so much time managing servers” sysop I have really enjoyed the time I have spent conversing, and working with all of you, and would like you to know that I am still available and more than happy to help with problems, or just chat. Closing Intergate is probably the single most difficult choice I’ve ever had to make. I hope it is remembered.

Andrew Wyatt (Aitvo)

After talking with Andrew, I’ve found out why he closed Intergate:

1) He’s on the hunt for Poontang.
2) he’s looking to further his career at a restaurant you may have heard of.

In other news, a suicidal man who has been calling the suicide hotline twice a day for one and a half years, has mysteriously stopped calling.