On the request of Earth, I’ve taken down “Spam ATTAC” from the Articles section. The article dealt with issues that no longer matter. Also, the person who threated to sue me two years ago (Nic) over that article hasn’t been part of the ATTAC team for about 18 months.

You mean I’m supposed to FIX this stuff?

In a nutshell, here’s what happened:

1) That project I’m working on is put in the tradewars.org Directory
2) While fixing the problem, the backups of this site get deleted
3) I start to recode the page, but don’t finish before I leave for vacation
4) Can’t FTP while I’m on vacation. (computer was behind a firewall?)
5) recode the main page… AGAIN. Still have to fix the colors

So what else do I have to say? Hulk SMASH! Then Hulk Sleep. Hulk tired from projects for Evil Lady. Hulk thank Linux Guy for help!