I thought I had seen the end of Flamewars about Tradewars when I was no-longer able to play on BBSs, but a new flame war has begun between Gypsy and Zoobar. I’ve put all the related posts that both have made on Family entertainment and put them here. My personal views are also in there. If your wondering why I’m putting this on the site, read it and then you’ll understand better.

NavBar Added

I’ve added a new Navigation Bar at the bottom of my pages now. I’ve so far, only implemented it here and the listings pages so far. It’ll lead to you to everywhere on this page, and a few other places. It’s been up for a few days already, but it had broken links. I’ve (Hopefully) fixed those. If you find more, please tell me.

Famnet Resets

Family Entertainment reset their TW game not too long ago. The reason this wasn’t covered was because this was a spur of the moment reset. The reason is because of the amazingly large amount of dupes people were using. According to the Gameop, 43 dupes were delt with in only two weeks. God Help us.