Seems Hellcat fibbed a bit on his profile. Apost made on the EIS Forum by Hosem clarifying a few items on his profile. First off, here’s a quote you should always remember:

“Gypsy is correct. Bless his dusty cobweb infested brain….Gypsy is nothing? As much as he can be a pain in the ass, he only did more for MBBS tradewars then argueably any user in the history of this game. You still play this game that should have died years ago perhaps because of people like him who kept the interest alive. Who said that? I did. aka Anthrax.”

Among other things, Hellcat aparently killed Gypsy, Monday, Hosem, Gary & Ann Martin, and John Pritchette all with one photon. Oh yea, he also invented Nuclear Fusion and the Internet.