I got a message from Hellcat saying how good he is. Suprise there. Let’s have some fun shall we?

Post that on your website if you’d like.

That’s not a bad idea…..

Gypsy is probably the worst playing well known player I can think of.

You know, you seem a bit sexually frustrated. Since I feel sorry, I’ve decided to make a quick, “Trader’s guide to dating” just for you!

First off, here’s Shell to demonstrate what a Woman looks like:

Notice the diffrences in the area under the shirt you may not have seen before. Now that you know what these elusive creatures look like, where do they hide you ask? The answer is, as they call it, “Rave.” The portals to this exotic isle are called bars, and appear randomly accross the US. (Unless you live in Wisconsin, they’re on every street corner there)

Grab your scoped rifle and head out to connect to your closest bar! (Note: Make sure to have the highest ping possible when connecting or else your excevation might end a little….prematurelly. Being a stud from Cisco, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you) If you feel a warm tingly feeling when you look at one of them, your halfway there! Now walk up to her and wait for the slap. *WHAP* You Done CBYed boy! Try again tommorrow in a new ship and get another slap.

*Some other Rants about how good I, HELLCAT, Master of the Universe, am.*

Don’t worry Hellcat, when I take over the world, I’ll be sure to give you a country your maturity level can handle….Canada. (Sorry Canadians. I guess you’ll just have to take one for the team, eh?)